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    Social Media

    Please engage me on Social Media at one of the following outlets: FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM. The Facebook and Instagram platforms are a joint adventure with the parent company, Chris Jones Media – where I do voiceovers and media productions. I do have a YouTube Channel – which is similar to Facebook and Instagram in that it combines with Chris Jones Media. I totally thought about separate Facebook, YouTube and Instagram for Personal Favorites, but decided not to spread myself too thin. The Twitter Feed is unique to Personal Favorites and gets constant programming updates, along with other tidbits. My plan with Personal Favorites is to expand the personality and…

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    Radio Reflections

    One of the reasons I first got into and interested in Radio Broadcasting was that I frequently heard announcers/dj’s cut songs off before the end. Also, many times the DJ would not announcing a song at the beginning or end. I heard those annoyances on any station I was listening to, starting in the early 70s. I later came to understand why songs get cut off. It is because the presenter has to time up to an event, such as a network newscast. The networks don’t wait for someone’s bad timing, lol. At the time I only had an AM Transistor Radio. When I finally got one with FM, I…

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  • Personal Favorites

    Radio Love

    Radio Love Internet radio is just so much fun! I really enjoy programming the flow, putting personality bits in here and there, talking to my audience—all of those things. I did that sitting in a studio for something like 15 years (between 1978 and 1993). My life changed direction after that, but the radio bug never left me. The big difference is that I now do the shows from my house. In the old days my reward was monetary: these days it’s seeing your feedback on the People Say page here on this website—so please do keep those comments coming! Music Selection Starting ‘Personal Favorites’ was the realization of a…

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