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    The Radio Vision – An Online Audio Stream with another two or three people doing updates, playlists, vocals, special shows, requests and that sort of thing, with advertising of course.
    My Goal is to expand into more than one audio stream to cover different formats. This is tight flowing Internet Radio with crisp clear audio consisting of personality with music emphasis!
    EMAIL CHRIS – Call 518.223.6044
    The present, and future, will be realized from your cell phone – not TV, or even a car radio.



    Thoughts and Musings
    I pride myself in an ability to communicate effectively with anyone, either personally or professionally. Many years in the Sales, Retail and Broadcast Industries have honed my communication skills. Customer and People satisfaction have made me who I am.
    My goal is to identify a need, and then fill it by drawing upon extensive experience in many areas of customer service. This translates well into Internet Radio Broadcasting
    Specialties: The ability to adapt to a a person’s way of thinking to communicate in the most efficient manner. This includes Video and Audio Editing for your advertising message – from my radio broadcasting background – with the voice to make it happen.
    Chris Jones (and his Wife) - The Director of Customer Happiness

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