Chris Jones Radio History

Early Days

In 1979-1980 I was an aspiring radio announcer at the Plattsburgh State University College radio station called WPLT (different now). I spent some time on Campus perfecting my craft, and after a while I decided that an actual job in radio was what I was after. It was in April 1980 that Gordie Little at WIRY 1340am must have seen something in me, and I was hired at WIRY. This was an awesome thing for me, as Gordie’s guidance was the catalyst that kept me going in radio for a very long time after I had left Plattsburgh. The man was a gem, the purest human being you’d ever want to meet. His style of radio inspired me. The way he communicated with everyone, on and off the radio, was inspiring and formed the basis of how I went from radio into sales, and how I still communicate with people on a daily basis. I consider myself lucky and blessed to have known Gordie Little. Gordie Passed on 22 June, 2016. Rest In Peace. The Map shows about where WIRY was in 1980.

Other Places

I stayed at WIRY in Plattsburgh until sometime in 1981 there were aspirations to check out other markets, namely Burlington, Vermont. Employment was secured at WJOY 1230am, where some good friends were made. In 1983 another move was in order, back across Lake Champlain, down the lake a bit, into Ticonderoga NY. In Ticonderoga I did some work on two different radio stations, an AM and an FM. That was fun until about 1984 when I found myself down in Glens Falls NY at WWSC 1450am, where a professional by the name of Dave Covey taught me a few things about how radio is done. WWSC was a lot like WIRY in that they were/are both hometown radio stations, broadcasting at 1000 watts of power, in their respective markets. I stayed in the Glens Falls NY radio market until about 1993, having then got into sales. The Map Below shows where WWSC was in the 1980s.

Time Marches On

The radio bug has never left me. I have programmed one or more #InternetRadio stations since 2005 – ever evolving the playlists and station flow. I present to you my Personal Favorites!

My Radio History says: Stay True to Your Roots!

I’ve been layin’ it down live in my head, on the air, and on the Net since 1979! “Personal Favorites” is gaining listeners every day. You diggin’ it yet? There are many Entertainment Choices today. Thank you for coming here! I’M THE DJ. THE MUSIC’S IN YOUR HEAD! Welcome to the Chris Jones Personal Favorites #InternetRadio Audio Stream.
Thoughts and Musings
I pride myself in an ability to communicate effectively with anyone, either personally or professionally. Many years in the Sales, Retail and Broadcast Industries have honed my communication skills. Customer and People satisfaction have made me who I am.
My goal is to identify a need, and then fill it by drawing upon extensive experience in many areas of customer service. This translates well into Internet Radio Broadcasting
Specialties: The ability to adapt to a a person’s way of thinking to communicate in the most efficient manner. This includes Video and Audio Editing for your advertising message – from my radio broadcasting background – with the voice to make it happen.
Personal Favorites
Chris Jones (and his Wife) - The Director of Customer Happiness

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