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Radio Love

I have a ‘Radio Love’ for Internet Radio because it’s just so much fun! I do the radio shows from my house and that’s the beauty of it! Gone is my desire to sit in a’terrestrial’ radio studio somewhere for 6 hours.  I did that for a long long time between 1978 and about 1993 or so when my life changed a bit. The radio bug never leaves! I enjoy so much getting the music online and programming the flow, putting in the personality bits in there, as well as talking to you, all of that! It’s just so much fun, and the reward is when I see the compliments in the feedback on the ‘People Say‘ page here on this website!  I so much enjoy listening to the music and adjusting the Flow you hear on the station.

Love of Radio

Music Selection

Starting ‘Personal Favorites’ was the realization of a Dream and my Love of Radio! I program the music I like, and want to hear! I can turn on the station anytime, day or night, and enjoy the selection that is playing. How cool is that? There are absolutely no radio stations anywhere in the world I can say that about! The music selection runs the gamut! Jazz artists like Diana Krall and Melissa Morgan, to classic artists like Bill Haley, Jeanne Pruett, Roger Miller, and so much more. The ‘Chronological’ Playlist we utilize currently involves about 16 hours of non-repeating ‘Personal Favorites’. Here’s an image of a small section of our ‘D’ artists.

Radio Love

This should tell the story! Thank You for Reading – More Blog Posts Forthcoming!

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