Radio Reflections

One of the reasons I first got into and interested in Radio Broadcasting was that I frequently heard announcers/dj’s cut songs off before the end. Also, many times the DJ would not announcing a song at the beginning or end. I heard those annoyances on any station I was listening to, starting in the early 70s. I later came to understand why songs get cut off. It is because the presenter has to time up to an event, such as a network newscast. The networks don’t wait for someone’s bad timing, lol. At the time I only had an AM Transistor Radio. When I finally got one with FM, I was so happy.

That being said, it is still annoying to hear music chopped off at the end, and music I want to know about not get announced. Likely the DJ is only thinking about timing, and not that a listener actually likes what he or she is playing, and wants to know about it. FM Radio’s Digital Text on most Car Radios is good for that, but there’s nothing like the DJ/Presenter mentioning the song title and artist.

College Radio

Radio Reflections - Personal Favorites

By 1979 I was an aspiring radio announcer at the Plattsburgh State University College radio station called WPLT (different now). I spent some time on Campus perfecting my craft, and I decided that an actual job in radio was what I was after. In all reality, I knew that along about 1971-72 when I was tired of hearing songs unannounced and cut short.

Employment in Radio

In April 1980 Gordie Little at WIRY 1340am saw something in me, and I was hired at WIRY. This was an awesome thing for me, as Gordie’s guidance was the catalyst that kept me going. The man was a gem, the purest human being you would ever want to meet. His style of radio inspired me as well as the way he communicated with everyone, both on and off the radio. In addition, this formed the basis of how I went from radio into sales, as well as how I now communicate with people on a daily basis. I consider myself lucky and blessed to have known Gordie Little. Gordie Passed on 22 June, 2016. Rest In Peace.

Internet Radio

Personal Favorites is programmed in a way that makes sense, with many special shows. In all honesty, there is no desire to sit in an actual ‘ terrestrial‘ radio station studio to do a shift. Personal Favorites is programmed from my Home Office, and is part of a larger company known as Chris Jones Media. I do audio voiceovers, video production, in addition to WordPress Websites.

I welcome feedback and your comments and/or suggestions.

Radio Reflections - Personal Favorites

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