Social Media

Please engage me on Social Media at one of the following outlets: FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM. The Instagram feed is a joint adventure with the parent company, Chris Jones Media – where I do voiceovers and media productions. Instagram is host to something called ‘The Daily Walk For Coffee’. The Daily Walk shows up on IGTV on occasion.

I do have a YouTube Channel – which is similar to the Instagram in that it combines with Chris Jones Media. I totally thought about separate YouTube and Instagram for Personal Favorites, but decided not to spread myself too thin.

On my Facebook and Twitter Feeds are constant programming updates, along with other tidbits of what we are up to. There is a LOT of Rock-n-Roll – Every Afternoon – 7 Days a Week starting around 1315 Eastern, depending on when the Noontime shows conclude.

Personal Favorites continues to expand with personality and music variety, keeping things fresh. This is a personal ‘Thank You’ for giving me a shot to be part of your day!

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